Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Took a Walk...

It's good to be home, 
good to get back to my morning routine
dirt road 
kaleidoscope sunrise 
puppies prancing and playing beside me
all of us full of autumn exuberance. 

Breaths come slower, deeper 
busy thoughts disappear into an azure sky.

Yes, it's good to be home.


My friends, the Deer Park Divas, presented this tile sporting the United States Air Force symbol to Tom a few months ago, in honor and memory of his Pop. Tom placed it down by the little pond and waterfall.


  1. the walking tile is wonderful. :)

    love the grasses and colors. and that sweet, excited dog. and the new growth on the prickly pear. :)

  2. oh! I feel the home inside these gorgeous shots
    and grin at the puppy in full gallop:)
    and feel the peace in your return to rhythm
    and send up thanks for the goodness
    you've been given
    and that you share:)

  3. Beautiful photos, Barbara. I'm always fascinated with spider webs, but haven't been able to capture one that will show up on photos. Also, what is that next to the last photo? I took a similar one and don't have a clue what it is.

  4. Welcome home. I see that the loveliest of colours were there to greet you.

  5. My favorites are the prickly pear and your dog running with excitement. Glad you are back and returned to such beauty. :)

  6. Looks like you have been back enjoying the fabulous photos you take❤

  7. What a touching gift from the divas.

    Your photos are fabulous - and it looks so lovely and warm.

  8. Coming home is always a wonderful thing! Terrific images Barbara!
    xo Catherine


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