Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where has May gone?

I can't believe my last post was almost two weeks ago. My camera has been busy but so has my body, running everywhere except home in front of my computer.

Here are a few bits of my May so far...

Flowers are in transition.. 

(Mexican Hats)


(bee balm or horsemint)

I met some sheep...

I saw a double rainbow and beautiful sunset...

I spent Mother's Day snapping photos of huge green parakeets and white doves in my parents' backyard...

I finished editing photos from my last shoot...

I helped celebrate a college graduation...

Encountered a snake on my morning walk... 

A wonderful surprise waited for me in the mailbox this afternoon...

Well, I was actually expecting it. 
I won it in an online auction to raise money for Pesto's dental surgery... you can read about it HERE
I don't have a cat right now, but I'm a cat lover and appreciate what Joan of God's Little People is doing for them in Greece. 
(Plus, I just loved that little purse!)


  1. Lovely, lovely... until the snake. That snake is not so lovely.

  2. Wow - May is looking gorgeous in your part of the world.

  3. I particulary love the rainbow's shot and the B&W portrait...
    Best regards,


    1. Thanks, Pierre! I'd reply directly but you didn't leave your email address!

  4. Such a pretty collection of images. And busy is good. :)

  5. your dove photo was wonderful! we had a white dove here a couple of years ago. seemed very tame but disappeared when dove hunting season opened (ugh!)

    and i saw mexican hats here just yesterday on a country drive! they're such cool flowers!

    glad you are well and just busy, busy!

  6. The double rainbow is lovely... and it stuck in my mind... til the "s" thing showed up. icky... ;o)

  7. The flowers in May are dancing, and shaking of some of their colours.

    That's why you saw double rainbows.

  8. Where has May gone Barbara? It is slipping by so quickly. It looks like you have been very busy. So many wonderful photos!

    Let up hope June goes nice and slow for us with lots of perfect weather. ;)

    Happy Saturday!
    xo Catherine

  9. I know what you mean about snapping photos and no time to edit and post them! Gah. Time seems to go by in flashes these days. I love the b&w photo of the little girl. Perfect exposure and so sweet. What is that flower on your second pic? I just photographed those at a botanical garden and they weren't labeled. It's driving me crazy. Just whenever you have a spare minute. Ha!

  10. Beautiful collection, great shots.

  11. Barbara,
    I just added God's Little People to my reading list. Pesto is so cute and how nice that you helped him with his dental bill.
    I love your photo of the sheep especially and I have never seen a Mexican Hat flower.
    Your portrait of the little girl is beautiful. You are doing very well , I see.



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