Thursday, May 31, 2012

Katie Evans (or "How to Get Out of Automatic")

In a library
along a main street oozing history and character
I learned more about photography, and even my camera, from a Katie Evans Workshop a few weeks ago.

I also learned I knew more than I thought I knew.
That was just as helpful as anything else.

If you and your camera are just getting acquainted
and you see Katie is coming to your town
I recommend signing up for one of her workshops.

Even if you and your camera are on pretty intimate terms, but you're self taught,
I suggest signing up just to fill in any gaps you might have missed along the way.

(I got a good deal through Living Social, similar to Groupon. I bet you could, too!)

If you can't attend a workshop, I recommend getting a copy of Katie's book, The Key to Taking Pictures Like a Professional Photographer. 

In it Katie... well, I'll just tell you what she says about it...

"Have you invested in a digital SLR, but can’t quite figure out how to get those stunning pictures out of it? You know what you want your pictures to look like, but you just don’t know how to get there. You haven’t dared to shoot in anything but automatic and when you do…well, let’s just say those aren’t the pictures you post on your blog.
Does this sound like you? You’re not alone…
You CAN get those beautiful, artsy, cool pictures you are imagining. The information that I will reveal in this book will help you finally understand your camera and beyond. I teach how to achieve a proper exposure, how and where to find the best light, which lenses are the best and why, what the important settings on your camera are about, RAW vs. JPEG, how to compose a striking picture, the best editing software, my  “must-do’s” in my editing process, and so much more."

Katie takes you through the steps she takes to get a great portrait... camera and gear, exposure, camera settings, lighting, and more. If you're still shooting in automatic, she'll get you into manual. 

If you're already familiar with manual settings, she'll show you things on your camera you didn't know you had!

I bought the book at the workshop (1/2 price - yay!) and even though I've been shooting in manual for awhile now, I found the book to be a good guide with a simple and concise layout. 

So... I signed up for her affiliate program. 
If you purchase a book through the link on my sidebar, I get a percentage. (yay!)

(Pssst... Don't tell Katie, but I probably would have posted a link to her book, anyway.)


  1. I wouldn't be brave enough for the workshop, but I just might have to get that book! I want to learn everything I can wrap my brain around... which may not be much, but it'll be more than I know now, which is nothing!

    1. It was an easy workshop, just classroom-style and Katie is so down-to-earth! But the book has all of the info in it she covered (except for helping me find things on my camera I didn't know I had!!) She makes it so easy!

  2. Interesting .. I feel sort of as if I've been lying to myself all these years .. I've posted photos on my blog first taken with a point&shoot set on P or chose one of the 'presets' like 'night' or 'food' .. now I use a D90 set on P ... I am so ashamed I've been posting those on my blog .. I hope Katie never stumbles over my less then fabulous photos ..

  3. ha - she actually uses Aperture Priority mode most of the time. I'm sorry I gave the impression she was a photo snob. Far from it! She just assures people who are afraid of getting out of automatic - who think they could never learn manual - that it's not that difficult and then she helps them through it. She's very down to earth and is very upfront about her own "less than fabulous" photos. She just shares her joy for photography and encourages others not to be afraid and gives them the confidence to move forward and understand what they're doing.

  4. Ooohh, you have me intrigued! Sounds like something I could really benefit from. Nice to know that she shoots on Aperture Priority, too. Sometimes when you're out in nature it's the only consistent thing you can depend on! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree! I had started keeping it there myself and was relieved to hear she did the same. I walk in and out of the shade so much, I was going crazy trying to make adjustments and missed so many shots because I didn't have time to make them! I go back to manual every once in a while just to remind myself. lol

  5. Sounds like such a good workshop, I'm thinking of getting the book, but I learn so much more in a classroom?? I wish someone like her was in my area, the men teaching the workshops in this area are not my cup of tea.

    I had fun catching up on your blog today, so sorry to hear about your Mom's friend, but so glad you have that wonderful photo <3

    I try to sneek up on the turtles all the time, often a dozen hang out on that log and they all jump in when I get close. One day I decide to sit and wait for one to come back up, it took about a half an hour of complete stillness :) The close up is one who wandered from the pond all the way into our yard ( 10 minute hike away! )

    1. She pretty much taught the book, but the good thing about being in the class is she was able to show me that my camera DID have exposure composition. I didn't think it did! That's the great thing about workshops.
      I need to have more patience with our turtles, I guess. But they might have moved on... our ponds are drying up! Again. Sigh.


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