Sunday, June 5, 2011

Overlooked, Overshadowed

In the excitement of my son's graduation a couple of weeks ago, I overlooked these little flowers. 

I've been going through each of my photo folders, transferring them to a new external hard drive before the current one totally fails - kind of like rescuing survivors from a sinking ship, I guess.

Most of these delicate beauties have already faded away in the summer sun and heat
I'm almost grateful I was forced to go through the folders just so I could rediscover them.
I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed finding them again!

First up, Yellow...

Next, a dance with these tiny, fragile Purples and Whites...

These Pinks are my summer favorite - they pop up so bright and hopeful every year, despite the summer heat, like so many wedding bouquets...

And last but not least, these green pods. I have no idea what these will be - do you know?
All of the flowers above have now faded, but these pods remain the same, right on the verge of something spectacular, I imagine. 

Perhaps fireworks? 

They caught my eye mostly because they resemble "china berries" from my childhood - actually tallow berries (why did we call them china berries?) that speckled the ground, bruising our bare feet if we walked on them and almost taking an eye out when (not if) we decided to throw them at each other. 

I'll keep you posted on their transformation.

Is there anything in your life that's been overshadowed or overlooked lately?


  1. Gorgeous flowers...
    Regards from France,


  2. Such lovely beauties! Thanks for finding them for us!

  3. Beautiful post! Do dust bunnies count?

  4. Yellow flowers have a way of lifting my mood instantly. They just seem happy and make me feel the same even when I'm not. :/ Glad you could find good out of your computer fiasco. Thanks for sharing these!

  5. I sure am glad you looked through these Barbara! They are just beautiful, especially the second one! Your post reminded me that i too have to look for another hard drive, and transfer some photographs to it for back up purposes. I am so lax in doing this, and i know that if I don't, I am one day going to regret it. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. Thanks, everyone! (and Debbie, yes, dust bunnies count!)


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