Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Snow-Covered Morning (part 2)

Yesterday morning Winter came knocking on our door again, 
but this time (as usual) he traveled lightly, bearing only the frigid wind. 
No snow.

What better time to stay inside, warmed by the wood-burning stove, 
and post the second batch of my Long Hollow Winter Wonderland 2011 photos? 
It's too cold to go outside!

We'll just pretend we're stepping outside onto the back deck, dusted with windblown snow...

...then we turn a corner and see the porch swing, brightened by a fresh whitewash...

I love snow on the rocks and sun on the snow.
(Max and Belle are still warming up inside - otherwise there'd be puppy prints (or more likely puppy) in these photos...

You can see from all the footprints above that Max and Belle are de-thawed and ready to play in the snow again...

This reminds me it's time for our morning walk.
I can see through the window beside me that, in my real world, the sun is up and shining on the Hollow, and despite the cold and lack of snow,
 it's beautiful!

I'll post Snow-Covered Morning Part 3 soon.
 Cross my heart that's the last one!
But snow is such a rare gift for us, I want to make it last as long as possible!

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