Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Snow-Covered Morning (part 1)

My northern friends and family may roll their eyes 
at the classification of Winter Wonderland given to an inch of snow
and I might, too, if I had days, weeks, months of snow as they do,
But I don't.
Having all conditions come together just the right way 
to allow delicate snowflakes to fall from the sky above these hills
comes close to being a miracle.
And we treat it as such.
Besides, as a friend said,
Snow makes cold magical!

See what I saw on my snow-covered morning...

Looking down the little creek bed...

Tom's Project #2017: windmill

Belle meets Snow. 

Max, just because he's cute.

Around the little pond...

Holly, splashes of red...

Brrr... by this point my hands were frozen! 
Time for some hot coffee and a break in front of the wood-burning stove. 
Stay tuned for Part 2 of my snow-covered morning...


  1. Even a little bit of snow is fun, when you rarely get to see any. You took some wonderful photos of it too. Are you like me, ready for it to be gone the next day? :)

  2. And you've certainly captured that magic well. Lovely shots. I'm glad you're enjoying your snow. You can have ours too. Really!

  3. Snow. I especially like the shots of the old rusted parts. I love old rusted parts.

  4. Only us Southerners can understand the joy of getting a snowfall, no matter how small it is!

  5. This is the way I like to experience snow, from the comfort of my cozy home with my own cup of hot coffee.

  6. Your snow is like cute little baby snow! You want to see the big brother burly snow...just look outside my window!!!


  7. Yes, it is cute little baby snow, isn't it? And I'm grateful for that! And yes, I'm grateful for the visit, I enjoyed it, but now I'm ready for summer to come and stay awhile!

  8. max is very cute :)

    thanks for commenting on my blog

    love the holly shot with the blue sky


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