Saturday, December 7, 2013

A Day in Fredericksburg, Texas (Part 1 - On the Street)

I jumped on a bus with a bunch of other Keller Williams agents this past Thursday for a trip into the hill country...

...specifically, to Fredericksburg, a quaint little German-heritage Texas town just an hour or so west of Austin, known for shopping, wine, peaches, and lavender, depending on the season.

Thursday it was cold and windy, but the shops were warm and cozy, all decked out in Christmas color and bling. 

Grab some hot chocolate and follow me along the sidewalks...

So creative!

All decked out for Christmas.

(I had the Reuben. Yum!)

See those people down there? We weren't the only crazy ones exploring the town that day!

I love the architecture...and do you see the figures along the wall to the right?

The Salvation Army bell ringer braved the cold to bring in donations.

The Art Deco touches on this building caught my eye.

A little tequila would have warmed us up!

Who can resist Betty Boop?

Our bus parked near this church. While waiting on the rest of the group, I jumped out and took some photos. Surprised? I didn't think so.

This old home is right across the street from the church. I'd love to know how old it really is. 

Wasn't that fun? 

Join me tomorrow...or Monday or Wednesday...for Day 2, wherein I take you into the shops and restaurants with me!


  1. i've never been there. sure looks quaint and inviting! chicken and dumplings got me! :) the rich wood doors on the church are pretty. and the last place is neat!

  2. We went to Fredericksburg about 20 years ago. My dad used to hunt there a lot. Loved the quaint little downtown, but that German food did not agree with me!

  3. That was indeed fun. That town has so much character. I could spend a day or three enjoying the sights. Now thanks to you, I have and will. Great pics, Barbara.

  4. This is one of the first places hubby and I had discussed going when he retired. That hasn't worked out yet, maybe someday it will.

  5. What a cool little historical town. Thanks for sharing.


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