Monday, October 29, 2012

Just popping in for a second...

If you read my other blog, Long Hollow, 
you know I've been spending a lot of time with my parents in Houston. 
Daddy just had carotid artery surgery and Mama needs an extra hand.

In the past, I took dozens of photos here of squirrels and birds. 
Their house was marked as a fur and feather waystation.

Then this pretty little girl showed up.
She has the yard all to herself now.
I snapped this through the door several days ago, the only time I've picked up my camera here.

Thanks to friends and family who realize it's a blessing to help my parents, rather than a burden or leisurely hobby, I was able to run home for two days.
Saturday morning I went for a walk and soaked in the autumn beauty, stillness, and peace of home - my Hollow.
(Caregivers need that - if you know one, step in. Give them a chance to refocus and breathe!)

Good news! 
I picked up my zoom lens Saturday and it seems to back to its old self.
I snapped the ones below from the storefront before leaving, just to make sure.

I spent several hours yesterday at a great photo gig, set up by a friend for me at her company picnic. 
I think I got some good ones, although I can't share them here yet.
Thank you again, Darla!

The current expert on them, Simon Robson,  sent me an email yesterday letting me know he used my photos (with attributes and links) on his site devoted to it HERE
Thanks, Simon! 

If you have time, explore Simon's website - he has lots of information and photos of the Futuro Homes and other strange buildings.


  1. oh, i hope your father recovers well! glad you are able to be there for/with them both!

  2. Glad you are getting some breaks in between caregiving. I didn't get much of that and almost collapsed from exhaustion and worry.

    Congrats on the photo gig and the use of your photos on a web site! So cool, but not surprising. Keep up the great work!

  3. Your photography is lovely as always, Babara. I am keeping your dad in my best through. Hugs to you.

  4. HOORAY!!! SO glad the zoom is working better now ... and caregivings sure do need relief ... glad you got some .. hope your folks are on the mend .. xo

  5. Sounds like you have some wonderful support; that's so important. Hopefully your dad bounces back quickly from that carotid surgery.

    I enjoyed your pics-mix here. I bet the birds & squirrels stay far away from the yard these days with that kitty around.

    The alien house is crazy! I want to go inside.

  6. I've been a caregiver and it's hard work, but very rewarding. Don't forget to care for YOU, too. Thinking about you and wishing your father well.

  7. Lovely lovely pictures.

    Hope all is well with your daddy.

  8. Great photos, Barbara!
    I especially love the kitty. :-)
    Glad to hear that you got your zoom back, but most of all, glad to hear that your Dad is doing okay.

  9. Barbara,
    You are a good daughter and I know your parents love that you are there for them. It is a blessing for all of you. Get plenty of rest,though. Taking care of people can be exhausting.

    Great find in that space ship of a house in Florida.



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