Tuesday, October 9, 2012

For Marilyn, at long last

A chance meeting with artist Marilyn Lindholm on the beach of Port Aransas in 2011

a year's worth of procrastination

and a can't-just-be-by-chance-meeting with her again last weekend.

That's why these are here.

I sent them to her via email last night.
I love scratching dusty to-do's off my list.


  1. Yay! Our nagging worked. :) I can see why she wanted these photos. Those brightly colored umbrellas really pop! The last one of the two glasses of wine with the sun shining on them is gorgeous!!

  2. I started to send you a nagging email just last night! Glad you finally took care of it!

  3. Nice ocean shots! Hope the wine was good :-}}

  4. Some good pictures after a sip of wine.

  5. Wonderful photographs, Barbara.
    Glad you sent them to here, and I'll bet she is too!

  6. I love these photos. They make me feel happy and light-hearted. Wonderful!
    xo Catherine


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