Saturday, January 14, 2012

The One She Chose...

Ah... it was so much fun tromping around Austin, photographing wedding venues the past couple of weeks!

Thank you to all of you who voiced your first picks!
The last venue, Vista West Ranch, won with you, hands down.

Alas, when all things were considered, such as having to travel down miles and miles of twisty, turny Hill Country roads (and guests having to drive back to hotels miles away down dark twisty, turny Hill Country roads after a celebratory drink or two), it was the second favorite of the future bride.

Her first pick?
Barr Mansion, the first venue I visited.
The one with the gingerbread woodwork, wrap-around porches and fans hanging from the trees.

It has that country feel but it's just minutes from downtown Austin, convenient to hotels and restaurants... and closer to our house!

 Also the bride and her sister can easily put their special touches on it... centerpieces, lighting, and other ideas gleaned from Pinterest... 
But I think the true selling point is the rose garden that will be in full bloom at the time of the wedding.

I confess, despite the photo-mania I fell into at Vista West Ranch, the Barr Mansion was my favorite. 
I just can't resist those porches and that huge oak tree... and can already envision those love birds there, walking hand-in-hand.


  1. Barbara, what beauty you get to see through your lense. I love that winning image - truly atmospheric.
    Thanks so much for your kind and loving words during this past week.
    xo Joan

  2. all things considered, i think that is a spectacular choice!

  3. Looks like a perfect choice for all the right reasons. Perhaps there could be an anniversary bbq party at Vista West Ranch sometime in their future. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful venues with us. I may have to stroll by them next time I am in the area. :-)

  4. Well, Vista was my favorite, but I can understand the reason behind her decision. The other place was charming, too, and I'm sure it will all be delightful!

  5. Once you mentioned the negatives of the other one, her choice totally makes sense. It's lovely!

  6. I love it!!! A perfect choice!
    xo Catherine


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