Thursday, August 11, 2011

iPhonography and Jill's Photo Parties!

I've seen some fabulous iPhone photos.
Unfortunately, they're not coming from my iPhone!

These from the Flat Creek Estate Bistro where I work aren't too bad...

(Not bad views, are they?)

But I discovered baby deer are much harder to capture.

Please share your tips and advice on iPhonography with me! 
Thank you!

But before you do that, hop over to Jillsy's Studio - she's been partying all month! 
And she even awarded me two "Life of the Party" awards, for this...

Day ends, night begins

and this...

Blue, at last

Thank you, Jill!
(Click on the badge below to see more Party Pics!)


  1. I don't have an IPhone..just an IPad 1....waiting for the IPad3 to come will have 2 cameras in it....but there are plenty of great photos of people who take great shots with special Apps...Love the view from where you will probably get lots of helpful hints..Hope you are having a lovely week!

  2. I can recommend the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone in order to get some great effects!

  3. I think your iphone photos look pretty good Barbara! But oh that dragonfly ~ so extra beautiful!
    xo Catherine

  4. I think these are great! I'm not goot with my iPhone camera so the only tip I can offer is to look in the app store for Pic Grunger and Photogene. These are neat for processing. There are others, but these are my faves.

    You work at a really cool place! It doesn't even look like Texas!

  5. I know ... I'm jealous of those incredible phone photos! Mine's a droid and can take good pics ... just not capturing them though!

  6. I think these are wonderful photographs Barbara! I have the 3Gs, and the photos are not too bad, but my son just got the 4, and there is a big difference, especially with the flash.

  7. I think they're wonderful without any added effects. Those photos of where you work are stunning! If you have to work, that would definitely be a place to do it!

    and thanks for the shout-out!

  8. i-phone photography amazes me kids have the knack but not I.
    I've hated missing out on the party
    over at Jillsygirl's's been a wildly different kind of summer for me. BUT good in it's own messy gnarly beautiful way.
    It feels good to visit again your bright happy place!

  9. Pretty amazing what can be caught with an iPhone! The deer looks almost ghostly - lovely. And congrats on the "Life of the Party" awards - both images are pretty spectacular and dramatic.

  10. These are wonderful shots Barbara! Just my opinion, but the iPhone is simply okay as a camera, but the apps can make your photos amazing!! And they are so much fun to play with! If you haven't checked them out, definitely do so. So many good ones are actually free. I have the 3Gs which is okay. My son just got the 4, and there is a big difference in the camera. Namely the flash. No more issues with low light.

    Congratulations on your awards at Life of the Party!
    Truly well-deserved!!


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