Friday, July 23, 2010

Photography Rock Star - Scott Linstead

I'll admit it right now - this post is a copycat from my friend, Jillsy. Yesterday she posted the following photo by photographer Scott Linstead. (To see Jillsy's original post, click here: Jillsy Girl  It's worth it... she gives extra information on both Scott and chameleons. Very interesting!)

Seeing photos like this make a beginning photographer like me want to hang up the camera!

(Nah, not really. My addiction is stronger than that. I'll keep snapping away, just happy to get a little better every day. I'll post more of my own photos this weekend.)

To see more of Scott's work, click here: Scott Linstead


  1. you go right ahead and copy....this guy's work needs to get spread around!

  2. Thanks for sharing it on your site first!


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