Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Motley Mallards

We've had a motley crew of Mallards hanging around the Hollow for the past few weeks. 

There's a definite couple 
- Mr. and Mrs. Mallard, we'll call them - 
and then a large group that's sometimes with the couple and sometimes off on a separate pond. 
Could it be a family reunion?

These are the Mallards who attracted Mr. Coyote earlier this week. That day (when they were almost eaten) they just put up a little fuss. 

But the instant I lift my lens in their direction for a photo, off they go. 
Good grief! 
It's exasperating!

I've managed to sneak a few shots before they fly, though, and here they are...

They spotted me!


  1. the mallards we get here are the scarediest of the bunch, too! they'll fly off first. then the gadwalls. the whistlers just hang around. :)

  2. LOL - birds are always doing that to me too. Nice shots though.

  3. Love the shots through the weeds. They really are pretty ducks! Our mallards don't scare off easily; it's the wood ducks that scream like they're being murdered if they see a human.

  4. The pond where I used to live (and still miss terribly) had a lot of mallards and they weren't at all skittish.. .they were overfed though and trusted everyone. Yours are wiser and will see a longer life.. even if they do frustrate the photographer. ;)

  5. love the first and last images here.


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