Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11 12 13

I confess this post has nothing to do with today's date. 

It just seemed like it would make a great title and I thought it was time for an update from the Hollow.

These photos are actually from a walk a few mornings ago.

Within just a few minutes, I spotted three different types of butterflies.

You'd be surprised how loud this trickle of water is. 
Not a quiet escape from the little pond to the creek by any means!

Autumn foliage drips from the trees...

...and nestles on the ground.

But there are still spring-like flowers blooming!

I'm afraid these little guys are going to disappear until spring after tonight. 
We're expecting our first hard freeze.

Hope you're staying warm wherever you are!

(P.S. Tomorrow is my mom's 82nd birthday! Please send her good wishes!)


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Love the photos! We currently have our eyes on 5 Monarch caterpillars, growing rapidly in the butterfly plants. I hope they do okay in the cold snap.

    Stay warm!

  2. Wonderful images, Barbara! You got some butterflies I have never seen before.

    We are getting our first freeze tonight and you'd think a blizzard was coming, the way our weatherman has been going on and on and on. Double D and I were laughing at him because it's only supposed to dip below freezing for a couple hours. I guess since we didn't have a hurricane this year, they need some excitement in their jobs. :/

    Happy birthday to your sweet mom. Hope she is holding up okay. God bless her.

  3. i covered my lantana last night since it was blooming so pretty again. i hope it makes it thru one more freeze night tonight before we warm up again.

    happy, happy birthday to your mother! i still think of her praying the rosary with your guinea fowl walking along with her. :) (I started saying hail marys while i run/walk sometimes because of your post.)

  4. I noticed the date right away. It was 11-12-13 when my house closed. Lovely photos. Too bad those pretty flowers have to go but frost isn't very forgiving.


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