Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side

It's March, can you believe it? 
I'm not happy that the year is flying by,
but the signs of spring I find around me make me want to dance.

The Hollow is coming back to life.

Most branches are still bare, but the redbuds are getting the party started.

Mourning doves are back, greeting me on my morning walk... 

...and cooing their mournful song from the trees.

There's been enough rain to keep Max's favorite pool open.

And he's not the only one enjoying it.

Adventurous and hardy Prairie Verbena is always one of the first to emerge and last to disappear.

American Robins have decided they like the Hollow and are lingering a bit.

Our little front yard (home of the bird feeder) is becoming a popular hang-out for the neighborhood critters like this squirrel.

I don't know why this Mexican Jay is giving me the Evil Eye.

A small party of fluffy American Sparrows arrived and posed for me. 

I'll share more of them tomorrow. 

What signs of spring are you finding?

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  1. Lovely for you.. those blooms are so cheery. Mourning doves? Our stay here all year.. in the frigid north. I was surprised to read that. My goodness.. Max is one gorgeous boy.

  2. Nice set of pictures - spring for you means autumn for me - and given how hot its been that's a good thing!

    Cheers and thanks for linking to WBW.

    Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Definitely more chirping! And those crafty squirrels are hogging the bird seed. We can't keep them away. The trap will be coming out soon!

  4. wild kingdom in your backyard

  5. would love to see a mexican jay! :)

    love max in his pool. :)

  6. Loved your shots! We are seeing redbuds, azaleas, oxalis, and other assorted wild flowers. I haven't seen much of the robins yet, maybe one or two. Glad to see you have all that water! How lucky are you to see the Mexican jay!

  7. Barbara, I love your captures of spring ... isn't it fun to be so observant as to see bright spots of purple and blue and even that huge turtle! I love the doves as well. Max must love his swimming hole. Thanks for sharing in Walk and Click Wednesday!!

  8. Mother nature realized that she forgot to dump the average amount of snow up through January so in February and March she is making up. Just had 9 inches this week. Nice that your are seeing some color come back.

  9. Color and wildlife a great return of Spring.

  10. Oh I love the mourning dove couple. I saw a red breasted robin today - so it made me think that spring is coming.

  11. wow, what an array of critters. great shots. we're beginning to see a little color, my crocus were up but got rained on before they opened so now they are laying down already. i see blossoms on the Daphne. have a great weekend

  12. Very nice post and photographs! Spring is almost here!

  13. We saw quite a few robins yesterday in the rain -- it's snowing this morning, and I'm feeling so sorry for them right now!


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