Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Creepy Crawlers!

Remember Creepy Crawlers? Those rubbery, multi-colored bugs?

In our 2nd grade classroom swap meets, they were the gold standard, man. 
I traded some for a set of real spurs (we had just gotten a horse and I wanted to be a cowboy!) 
I still have a vintage Creepy Crawler oven. I should make some for Halloween, but as you'll see in the photos, I have plenty of the live version around here...
Multi-colored at that!
I wish I still had the spurs. What did I do with them? 
Probably traded them for more creepy crawlers...

(Sorry there were so many of that guy, but I just love him! He's a combination of all of the dragonflies I've photographed this year. Amazing! I just love looking at him!)


  1. OMG - amazing. Just seeing all those made me itch!

    I'm glad I don't get to see spiders that size in the UK!!

  2. They really aren't aggressive, so I don't mind them (from a distance!)

    Go see the post I wrote about this one on my other blog last week:

  3. I was afraid to come to this post (you probably know why by now) but I'm glad I did because I love those mantis photos! The little bugs look like twinkling stars in the sky!


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