Thursday, August 5, 2010

In the Eye of the Beholder...

Insects, bugs, creepy crawlers... they live in a different world, annoyed by us as much as we're annoyed by them, but still, they belong, they benefit, they play a part in our world. Such fascinating creatures... from a safe distance, anyway. Several have posed for me here in Long Hollow...

A grasshopper...

...a spider Daniel and I spotted this past weekend... 

...a walking stick I caught peeking in our front door...

...Daddy-Long-Legs (so much personality!)

... I have no idea what this is!

...a horsefly (I'd rather not have seen this, either!)

... an orbweaver spinning her web...

...several of this one because it posed so sweetly for me...

...a delicate little moth on my favorite purple flowers (prairie verbena)

...another pretty winged creature...

...not from Long Hollow (I had to go to Kansas to get it!) but it was a trophy photo for me...

But my photos can't compare to those of Dr. John AbbottCurator of Entomology at the Texas Natural Science Center at the University of Texas and nature photographer. Using high-speed photography, he reveals surprising beauty-in-motion that we can't see with our naked eye.
John sells his images, so I can't post any here, but check out this short slideshow by Lee Clippard (click here) or go to John's website here: Abbott Nature Photography to see them. Truly art in nature.


  1. Absolutely beautiful work, Barb!
    Barbara Probandt

  2. Some of these photos remind me of men from :)

  3. That one of all the daddy long-legs is wonderful! (even though they creep me out). and that bee thing with the tail...yikes!! definitely a mutation of some sort! but, the beauty of butterflies is something the guy upstairs definitely mastered!

  4. Thank you, Barbara!
    Carmie, thank you for making me laugh first thing in the morning! Jillsy, I totally agree!!

  5. The butterfly on the purple flower is a GORGEOUS shot!

    Thanks for visiting Original Bliss and leaving your blog address. I will put the original photos up as you suggested.


  6. Thank you! And I look forward to seeing the originals! Although I'm worried it will tempt me to go splurge on Photoshop :(

  7. Great pics Barb.....but I will keep the real ones at a great distance!!! You are awesome in your photography!!!

  8. Thanks, Gina. Using my camera lets me keep them at a distance, too! lol

  9. Barbara, these are amazing! You're inspiring me!

  10. Can we purchase any of these? I particularly love the green one with the white edges.


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