Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Week of Moons

Most glorious night!
Thou wert not sent for slumber!
~Lord Byron, Childe Harold

Was the moon stalking me or vice versa this week? I think it was a little of both.
He rose early, in time for my evening walk with the dogs.

He didn't call it a night until he told me good morning...

...and hung around even longer the next day.

But then he teased me, playing hide and seek with the clouds in the middle of the night...

...until finally rewarding my patience by breaking free.

Same time, next month?

O wild and wondrous midnight, 
There is a might in thee

To make the charmed body
Almost like spirit be,
And give it some faint glimpses
Of immortality.

~James Russell Lowell, Midnight


  1. great shots .... going to try for one tonight!

  2. Very nice captures...
    Greetings from France,


  3. ::Curtsey:: I agree with Jill, you are the Queen of moonshots! All of them are great -- my favorites are the 4th and 6th shots!

  4. Beautiful shots. I enjoy them very much!

  5. Amazing photos! I especially love the blue tones in the first two.

  6. Wow wow and more wow! Stupendous shots!

  7. Sure was a beauty this week... :)

  8. a moonlight sonata of photos and poetry! loved it!

  9. These are just amazing. The magnetic pull of the moon pulled your camera. I really want to try photography, but I'm a complete beginner. Everyone at Best Posts of the Week has been so inspirational. Thanks for sharing. -Lola at


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