Thursday, September 14, 2017


Despite good intentions, I haven't been able to keep up with two blogs now that I'm running a real estate business.

I have been more intentional about sharing my 'sweet!'s on Long Hollow lately. I'm up to at least one post a month... sometimes one every two weeks.
Not where I want to be, but it's an improvement!

Maybe, in time, I'll be able to work "Confessions" back into my schedule, too.

I'm certainly not going to close the door on it.

But for now, please hop over to Long Hollow for my musings and photos, or to Your Austin Sweet Austin Home for all things regarding real estate. (Bear with the real estate blog - it's in the infant stage! That time thing!)

Thanks to all of you who followed along for so long.  I do intend to be back.

(Thanks to Jill and Jennifer, blog and photography friends, who contributed to this motivating collage on my office wall! I've been blessed to meet so many gifted and generous photographers and writers here.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Congratulations and thank you, Airmen!

I was honored to attend the Air Force Boot Camp graduation last weekend of my daughter's boyfriend. It was two days of ceremonies plus leave, then two days of leave.
A lot of time to be away from home and my business, but who knows when they'll see each other again?

The actual Graduation Day fell on September 11.

It was a reminder that there are a lot of people working hard to ensure the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted every day. 

And for some reason, every day more young men and women sign up to do it, even though they don't get paid much, they are ordered around, and have to pay for things they are required to have. 

Most of us would raise hell if that happened in our jobs. 

They just feel it's an honor to serve.

Very humbling.

All I can offer are photos. 

The drummers caught my eye, of course.

These two young men fulfilled their requirements to become United States citizens while also performing the challenges of boot camp. 
They were sworn in during the ceremonies of the first day. 
A wonderful thing to witness!

Each new airman was awarded a coin to commemorate the end of boot camp. 

After the ceremony, the airmen had to remain standing at attention until they were tapped out by a friend or family member. 

On the second day, they donned their blues and hit the parade ground for the graduation ceremony. 

It is often a life of separation from loved ones, for loved ones. 
Kisses and hugs aren't taken for granted. 

My prayers and gratitude go with them all!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

An Afternoon on East 6th

My Nikon has felt neglected the past few months and I've missed spending time with photography in general. Joining an Austin photography meet-up group seemed like a great solution.

And I was right. 

My first outing with the group was a couple of weekends ago to photograph Austin's East 6th Street, an area that has seen new life in the past few years. I've been there before at night, when the restaurants and clubs are overflowing with people and a parking space is usually blocks away, but a quiet Sunday afternoon is a good time to capture the backdrop of all that fun. 

And find a good parking spot. 

A herd of photographers.

A mural on the side of a building. Obviously. 

We met in the parking lot of the Violet Crown Social Club, across the street from the cool mural. Patrons can step outside to order Detroit-style square pizzas from Via 313. They'll deliver them to you back inside the club! 
I've had one -  the Omnivore - and it was yummy!

One of the photographers brought her dog, Peaches, along. It was so sweet to see an owner who was thoughtful enough to protect her puppy's feet from the hot pavement!

East 6th is dotted with great places to eat and drink. I've only been to a few... the Violet Crown Social Club, Via 313, and Wonderland, which is a small, dark bar with a large area in the back outside. 

When I visited the last time, the East Side Kings food trailer was there with great Thai food. 
According to its website, it is moving to Whisler's, but still on East 6th!

People were oblivious to us and our cameras. The first couple above said they understood why we were there, snapping away, because they were "Austin Lovers, too!" And told me I should take their photo. So I did. 

East 6th Street is full of color!

Just random shots. 

And in the midst of all the revitalization... the funky new clubs, restaurants, and Saturday night crowds... there sits this old house with the metal fence. 

I hope you enjoyed the stroll! Next up... Enfield! I can't wait!