Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Despite the Drought...

...this cactus is still green... but that shouldn't be a surprise. 
They're made to survive droughts, aren't they?

If they start dying, we know we're in trouble.

But here... crouch down a bit and peer past the brown weeds... 
you'll see there are also still a few feisty flowers refusing to give up.

There's the dependable Prairie Verbena...

... and the Huisache Daisy.
They're both tough flowers, blooming almost year-round, defiant of any extreme weather condition!
My heroes!

Mountain Pinks have mostly given up, but I found a few blossoms hanging on...

The Mexican Hats... 
I thought they were dead, but they're flourishing again after just one night of rain amid weeks of drought...

And then there are the nameless ones. 
I'll keep trying to identify them - they deserve recognition!

Like these yellows...

...and these tiny purples, perhaps my favorites. 
At first glance,  they don't look like much. 
But captured in the lens and examined up close... so delicate and colorful!.
I just wish I knew their name...

May your life be like a wildflower… growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day

~Native American proverb

Update: Jan @ twoscoopz identified the 'nameless' yellow ones..."tickseed", in the coreopsis family. Thanks, Jan!


  1. Wow - what exquisite shots! I love that Mexican hat!

  2. Lovely wild beauty...
    Greetings from France,


  3. Great pictures. i too think that the the purple flower is just gorgeous.

  4. So pretty.. and they appear to be refreshed.. and refreshing.. despite the drought. ;)

  5. What a beautiful collection of wildflowers! Wish I could help ID the last few, but I have no idea. Somehow I found Buffalo Bur growing in my garden. Where the heck did they come from? The wind? Anyway, it continues to amaze that anything is able to withstand this heat and drought. God bless our poor plants!

  6. A beautiful set of shots, Barbara! l, too, love the delicate symmetry of the wee purple flower, but I'm unable to help you with its name, I'm afraid.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed my baby seagull post. Thanks for stopping by...:)

  7. Love all these beautiful flowers! I like that Native American quote!

  8. Looks like you are still enjoying many lovely colors of summer Barbara. Beautiful!
    xo Catherine

  9. These are wonderful--I truly felt my heart lift, seeing them. Thanks :)

  10. Beautiful! It is amazing how some of these survive and produce such gorgeous colors with so little water. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Good morning...I really found you close up photos of those flowers amazing..you do such superb job pn composition.....lovely...I think these flowers are amazing to show their true colors in such heat..survivours aren't they!
    I hope you get some moisture soon!

  12. Love the purple ones too! So interesting.
    I think the yellow ones are tickseed. I think :)

    Droughts are so rough. Amazing how nature deals and triumphs, isn't it?

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  14. Thanks, everyone! Jan, I think you're right about the tickseed!

  15. Thank you for continuing to bring us your perspective of finding something beautiful even in the worst of conditions.

    The pictures are amazing, as always, but your tenacity for searching for life is inspiring!

  16. Barbara,
    You did a fantastic job of these beautiful blooms! I especially like the mexican hats. I love how you did spot focusing...really makes an impact.
    BTW, how are you doing with PSE? I thought you might have some questions by now. :O)

    Have a great day!!

  17. What beautiful photographs these are Barbara. I just love the verbena.

  18. love those feisty flowers. and the proverb!


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