Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seasons of a Tiny Pond

We followed the sound of running water through the thick brush, fifteen years ago. 
Tucked away in the trees, this tiny grotto waited to be found and tidied up.
Buried treasure, the heart of our Long Hollow. 
Through all four seasons, through flood and drought, it survives. 
A quiet oasis... a place of reflection... a place to be still.

October, green is thinning but the water rushes, thanks to late summer rains

February, in a Hill Country "snowfall"

 April... green wakes up, bugs return... it was one of Frankie's favorite times of the year.

June... more green, less water

August... month of drought... one of the last swimming holes left

A week later... back to full flow, thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine

Time to start over again...


  1. Your dogs sure have a great life...
    They must love you so much for it!!!

  2. What a tranquil spot. In that last photo I can envision a bit of housecleaning and a couple of Adirondack chairs.

  3. Jill, that's exactly what I've always envisioned down here. One day... !
    Juana, they are totally spoiled, but I think they do love me :)


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