Tuesday, April 21, 2015

As the bluebonnets fade into memory...

Bluebonnet season doesn't last long, maybe a month from first pop to stragglers still hugging the roadsides. 

It creates a weird dynamic - a sense of urgency to step on the brakes... 

...to forget that you're already running late to the next somewhere... 

 ...to step outside of your normal, hurried day... 

...and just soak up the sight and smell of them, 

before it's too late. 

From top to bottom, these photos were taken at: my neighbor's yard on my way home, a field near a client's weekend home after delivering option money, the Smithwick cemetery on my way to a new listing, and Turkey Bend recreation area on Lake Travis after a Chamber of Commerce meeting down the highway. They were already past their prime; next year, I'm going there first!


  1. I always miss them when they're gone! I love having them around!

  2. Those blue bonnets are just gorgeous! Perhaps their job is to remind us that time is fleeting...

  3. Believe it or not, I've been hoping you would post photographs of these beautiful flowers.
    I'd not seen them until you posted them last year(?), and when I saw them I just thought that they were so beautiful.


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