Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Hoary Bat

Did you know some bats fly during daylight hours? 
And some are loners?

I didn't, 
until Tom and his brother John 
witnessed one swooping low over our pond 
in the middle of the afternoon 
before trying to hide in the foliage of a nearby willow. 
Actually, a willow overtaken with grapevine.

It was larger than the Mexican Freetail bats 
that Austin is famous for, 
so Tom hurried to the house to get me. 
(me = my camera)

John snapped the first few shots, 
then I wobbled down the bank in my flip-flops to shoot some more. 
I couldn't help it.

It was tough because he was really hidden in those leaves. 
I've cropped and increased contrast 
so you can see him.

Thanks to Mr. Google, 
we determined he was a
 Hoary Bat
Our best guess, anyway.

We were too excited over seeing him to be 
disappointed he wouldn't be bringing his friends to Long Hollow 
to help eat up the mosquitoes.

(Dang it.)

But isn't he cute? 
Doesn't he look like a panda bear? 

Although I admit I'm not tempted to cuddle him.

I sure hope he's still hanging around! 
(Get it? hehehe)


  1. Oh cool! I quite like bats. If I knew he wouldn't bite, I'd gladly cuddle him. Though I'd still rather cuddle a panda. ;)

  2. I thought if they were flying around in the daytime, it meant they were sick. Yours is pretty cool looking.

  3. bats are cute in an unconventional kind of way!

  4. looks as if he's covering his face .... hey lady stop i wont want my face on your blog!

  5. How exciting for you all, and he is kinda cute . . . for a bat. ; )


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