Monday, January 2, 2012

Can You Picture a Wedding Here?

I tagged along with my son, his future bride and some of her family yesterday, visiting potential venues for their wedding. 
It's still more than a year away, but that gives them time to think about it.

Hallelujah! I don't need to think about it... I just need to be excited about it!
...So I just enjoyed the tours and took lots of photos...

First stop was the Barr Mansion, a beautiful Victorian home in what used to be Sprinkle, Texas, now part of Austin... truly the home of my dreams for years.
I always wanted to find an old house like this and restore it to its glory days.

Well, not this one specifically, but one just like it, with beautiful gingerbread woodwork, wrap-around porches, and an old oak tree gracing the yard.

Now, I prefer photographing old houses like this over living in them... I have enough experience with homebuilding, maintenance issues and electric bills to know living in one would resemble a nightmare in more ways than it would a dream.

But photographing them and dreaming about it is still fun.

Loved the fans and lights hanging from the trees.

Would you believe this is the kitchen? 

Loved these doors!

...and the stars on the tiny windows. Love the detail!

This section is newer, as you can see. But the unique details continued.

Loved these doors, too, but love the sweet couple in front of them more.

Unique handcrafted touches were all over the reception area.

Finally we toured the inside of the old house. 
This ceiling painting wasn't original, but isn't it gorgeous?

Meet Mouse.
What a cutie and I loved the mini-chaise lounge!

The bathroom of my dreams, believe it or not.
Not so much anymore, practically-speaking, but I still love the art of it.

A Harry Potter under-the-stairs-closet. 
Such beautiful woodwork!

A mirror. How could I resist?

So much to take in. I'm glad I'm just on the sidelines with a camera.

Next stop, the Driskill Hotel. 
I'll post those tomorrow.


  1. LOVE that last photo! :)

    what a gorgeous, perfect, detailed little place!!!!

  2. Hi Barbara,
    Happy New Year! I have been off from checking your blog...but having a great time catching up!
    Love this last picture of the dear...what a lovely venue...can hardly wait to see what they decide! Keep me posted!

  3. glad you tagged along. I'll have to check out Sprinkle next time I am in the area. I love how you captured the uniqueness of house and grounds. Can't wait to see the next venue. I hope your son and his fiance enjoy the planning part of this joyous event.

  4. I can indeed picture a wedding there! Beautiful! I like those fans in the tree ~ very fun!
    xo Catherine

  5. What a beautiful location and beautiful couple. I'm sure whichever place they choose will be wonderful but I'm looking forward to the next set of pics.

  6. What a sweet shot of the lovebirds! Very quaint looking venue!


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