Monday, March 21, 2011

I see the (super) moon... the (super) moon sees me.

Saturday night, we climbed to the top of a nearby hill to face the Super Moon
Nothing between us but a valley and a bit of the lake.

I wish we'd arrived in time to catch its arrival, when it first poked its orange face up above the horizon. 

I wish I'd remembered my tripod.

I wish I could have stayed there all night.

Moon glow reaches out, 
touches my shoulder, 
reassures me that even when darkness falls,
the sun is still shining.
~ me

(Hours later, at its peak.)


  1. I was waiting to see yours! Excellent! I never saw a golden stage.

    I love your quote! :-)

  2. We wouldn't have either if we didn't go to the little hill. We're down in a little valley and usually only see it up high. (Thank you!)

  3. Your photos are wonderful.. just beautiful.. as is your quote. Lucky you for having that hill. I missed out on that stage because of a valley-like area. Great job Barbara!

  4. Thanks, Hilary! Lucky me that Tom remembered the hill!

  5. I love your shots. I didn't get to see the golden glow either. A perfect post!

  6. You captured some gorgeous images!
    Love the quote, thank you for sharing it.


  7. What a wonderful honey moon! So lovely. All my photos were terrible...

  8. Thank you! I wish I'd had my tripod, but overall, I was surprised how well they turned out! The color was just amazing!

  9. Beautiful moon photos, Barbara! And you got really good ones without a tripod. Those must be some steady hands!

  10. I guess steadier than I felt! And I didn't even have a glass of wine first! :)

  11. Thank you for your visit Barbara. It is how I found you here! What a beautiful blog you have! This moon was really something, and you have captured it so beautifully!

  12. Wonderful shots! I'm glad you were able to capture it.

    I thought that the moon was brighter that evening, but it wasn't until the next day that my son informed me that the moon won't be that bright again for another 30 or so years. Something I would've found helpful the night before. Oh, well. I'm not sure he knew about it until school that day.

  13. Lisa and Vickie, thanks! That's too bad that you didn't have a chance to take any yourself!


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